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How does Grazie work?

Check out the video below to see exactly how Grazie can help you find the local expert you need to get your tasks done.

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1. Sign up

Download the app and create your account—it takes only a minute, it's simple and it's completely free.

2. Build your profile

Don't be a stranger—setting up your profile is extremely simple, just provide:

· Profile picture
· Short description
· Location
· Skills
· Languages

3. Post a Task

Post a Task in less than 60 seconds and start receiving offers from local experts immediately, completely free.

Follow the app flow and provide:

· Title. A short headline for your task
· Description. Be as specific and clear as possible—it will help you receive better offers from Taskers
· Location. Provide your neighbourhood or ZIP code
· Deadline. Let Taskers know by when the task has to be completed
· Budget. Taskers will use the information you provide as a guide for how much to offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grazie?

Grazie is a platform that helps you to get things done by connecting you with local verified experts.

No matter what you need done, post a task in the app and receive offers from vetted helpers within minutes. Compare multiple offers from different Taskers and choose the best one based on skills, availability and price of the Tasker.

With Grazie you can get anything done, from simple to complicated tasks. Assemble your new IKEA furniture, clean your house, repaint the walls of your apartment, get the help you need to relocate to your new apartment. With Grazie every task is possible.

Download the app and let Grazie help you to get more done.

Where is Grazie available?

We are currently available in whole Berlin and will soon expand to more German cities - stay tuned!

How do I create an account?

Our sign up process is extremely quick and easy - it will not take you longer than 60 seconds!

Download the app register using your phone number, or with a Google or Apple account.

What type of tasks can I get done with Grazie?

From simple to complicated tasks, Grazie can help you complete your handyman jobs, home cleaning, relocations, babysitting or even photography.

It's free to post a task, so just describe a task you’d like to get done, set a budget and you’ll start to receive offers from Taskers.

How do I post a task?

Posting a task is very simple and it will not take you longer than 2 minutes!

Start by selecting the category of the task you need done and then provide:

- Title. Give a short, clear to your task. That's the first thing that Taskers will see before making offers.
- Description. Provide a detailed description of the Task. A great description ensures that you will receive great offers right away. And you know what they say: "an image speaks a thousand words"? That's why we allow you to upload up to 6 images.
- Location. Where do you need the task to be done? Provide an approximate location to help understand Taskers make an offer that is tailored to your needs.
-Time. When do you need the task to be done? We recommend you give enough time to Taskers to make offers (about 1 week).
- Budget. Let Taskers know how much you would like to spend. This amount is simply a starting point and from here, Taskers will make an offer on your task for an amount that they believe reflects the time, skill and work required to get your task completed.


Who is a Tasker?

A Tasker or Helper is a person that can do tasks for other people within the Grazie community.

If you want to be a Tasker, simply create an account and start browsing through tasks that you are interested in and able to complete. To be a Tasker you'll need to be over 18.

Once you're signed up, you can make offers on tasks, telling the Poster why you're the best person to complete the task. If a task is assigned to you, you're then able to start a conversation with the Poster via private messaging and arrange further details about completing the task.

Who is a Poster?

A Poster is a person who's looking for help to get something done.

It's free to post a task, so if you have something you need done, simply create an account and describe it to the community (See the question "How do I post a task?").

Taskers will then be able to make an offer to complete your task and you can view their profiles and decide who to pick.When you accept an offer, you'll pay the amount into the platform, which holds the payment securely until the task is completed. Once you've assigned a task to someone, you can exchange private messages to discuss further details about the task and exchange contact information.

To learn more about who Taskers are, check the question "Who is a Tasker?".

How do payments work?

When you assign a task to a Tasker, the payment is withdrawn from your method and held securely in escrow in the Grazie platform, that acts as a guarantor for both parties. You will have full control over when you release the payment to the Tasker: once the Task is done, simply tap on "release payment" in your Task page and we will transfer the money to your Tasker.

Grazie allows you to pay for all your tasks digitally - no cash needed! We currently support the following payment methods:

- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
- Credit card
- Sofort

What happens if something goes wrong?

Most tasks on Grazie get completed without any issue, but normally things do not always go as expected and we are prepared for that scenario too.

Grazie offers a free dispute resolution service to both Taskers and Posters - just send us an email at support@saygrazie.com and we will be there to help you and guide you towards a solution.

Always remember that your payments are completely safe with Grazie. Payments are held securely in the platform and and they will only be released when both sides are happy that the task is complete.