Your safety is our priority.

Secure by design

Your safety is our top priority—that's why we made secure payments, user verification and data protection the core of Grazie.

Secure payments

We offer our state of the art payment solution completely free to all our users. Payments are made as soon as an offer is accepted and help by Grazie until the task is done.

Our PCI-compliant payment solution implements sophisticated machine learning models to detect and prevent frauds and malicious users.

Verified Taskers

In order to create a community that is safe for everyone, our Taskers are asked to confirm their identity by uploading their ID and address.

When accepting offers from Taskers, make sure to look for the Verified Tasker badge.

Account protection

We take a number of measures to safeguard your Grazie account, like requiring SMS authentication to make sure only you can access your account, transmission protocols encryption.

Your data is stored safely in our datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany to guarantee it will never be disclosed to anyone.

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Grazie is a fantastic place where people can find the help they need from their local community, and as every community, it's made of people.

Our Profiles functionality allows you to get to know your Tasker before you commit to work with them. In the Profiles you can find information about their ID verification status, location, skills, languages they speak and a short description where each user is free to describe themselves.


Secure messaging

You found your perfect Tasker and assigned them a job? We create a secure end-to-end chat for you! Discuss tasks details without having to share any personal contact information.
Grazie chats are completely private and secure but in case of an issue, we can use it to help resolve conflicts or protect you from inappropriate behaviours.

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Our team is available 24/7 to help making things right with app support, refunds, conflicts resolution and more.

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